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Canada: Digital Signage is used to raise awareness of breast cancer prevention

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Update time : 2016-05-10 09:57:00
Cieslok Media, a large-format outdoor advertising provider in Canada, has teamed up with the Canadian non-profit organization Rethink Breast Cancer to create awareness campaigns to raise awareness of breast cancer among young people.
With the support of the Cieslok digital outdoor network, Rethink's news was displayed on a large screen display. According to Cieslok Meida, the news will be widely disseminated. According to the survey, 70% of respondents believe that digital bulletin boards are more effective than other media.
Jörg Cieslok, President and CEO of Cieslok Media, said: “Outdoors can't be ignored, and their design is very attractive. This is the significance of using outdoor signage to support this activity, aiming to get more information from younger audiences. Rethink Breast Cancer's information is amplified through our digital signage network and made available to the public, especially to those who are affected by breast cancer and can receive help from charity resources."
In 2016, Rethink will also launch information at many core locations, such as the Jardine Highway. Digital signage is located on Toronto's busiest highway, with thousands of commuters passing every day. In addition, there are BMO Stadium, National Gallery of Canada, Liberty Village, and Pearson International Airport, Canada's busiest airport.
Alison Lawler-Dean, vice president of marketing and communications at Rethink Breast Cancer, said: "We are delighted to use high-performance digital displays to boost our breast health campaigns. We hope to work with forward-thinking media like Cieslok to avoid more The lives of young people are affected by breast cancer."
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