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Cleaning and maintenance of three-sided billboards

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Update time : 2015-02-27 09:31:00
The three-sided billboards are driven by electricity and continue to work. If the heat is on for a long time, it may cause a fire. Therefore, the billboards on three sides should be maintained continuously. Let's talk about the maintenance of three-sided cleaning and peacetime...
Construction procedure for three-sided billboard cleaning:
1. Carefully observe the age and material of the billboard before cleaning. Some billboards whose surface materials have completely deteriorated cannot be cleaned;
2. Partial cleaning experiment, if there is no reaction, it can be operated normally;
3. Reasonable matching of pharmaceuticals and auxiliary tools from top to bottom, large-scale construction.
Preventing three sides from turning over the fire is not acceptable:
The three-sided turn is driven by electricity. Since the three-sided turn is continuous work, it will be hot after a long time, and the heat may cause a fire. This is very dangerous. According to relevant data, there are several monthly cities in large and medium-sized cities. To dozens of three-sided billboards caused by fire for a long time, not only suffered losses, but also seriously endangered the safety of the surrounding residents, so the fire on three sides was not a big deal.
Control quality to prevent three-sided billboards from collapsing:
Since the three-sided billboards work outdoors, there are often heavy winds and heavy rains outdoors. This is a challenge for the quality of the three-sided turn, especially on windy days. Because of the large size of the billboards, when it encounters strong winds, it is very It is easy to be scraped. In some cities, the news of turning people on three sides is often audible. This requires us to strictly control the quality of the toilet frame when building billboards.
How can we prevent such problems from happening? The answer is to conduct a physical examination on three sides in time and carry out reinforcement and repair in time. This is how the three-sided turn of the Golden Triangle will regularly conduct a comprehensive security check on all of its billboards to ensure that it is foolproof. It has also proved the correctness of the Golden Triangle over the years.
Many advertising companies feel that everything is fine after making three-sided billboards. It is irresponsible to maintain and clean the billboards. Continuous maintenance not only avoids disasters but also achieves the advertising effect.
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