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Como o efeito de publicidade ao ar livre é definido?

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Update time : 2015-02-27 10:05:00
How do outdoor ads define delivery effectiveness? What is the biggest concern for advertisers when they are served? In most cases, advertisers are not advertising outdoor ads for direct traffic.
How is the outdoor advertising effect defined?
As shown above, AIDA mode - MBA think tank encyclopedia, consumers from knowing the brand, to generating interest, to generating a purchase is a psychological process with different levels, different ads play different effects at different stages. As I said earlier, outdoor media is an emotional medium. In most cases, it is just a medium for consumers to SAY HI. The purpose of outdoor advertising is to inform and make the audience feel good. Many times advertisers set up a billboard in the golden position just to say that "I have money! I am mad!" - as the example of Time Square, an anonymous friend, reflects the brand's strength; there are also some advertisers in the shop. The outdoor advertising is placed nearby, and the purpose is equivalent to the guiding logo: "Look here, I am here to open a store here" (see Red Star Macalline's anti-aircraft guns); there are a lot of waiting room/subway advertisements for people in densely populated areas. Conduct new product notifications/activities, such as movie ads, 1st store advertisements.
For different advertising purposes, there are naturally different criteria for consideration. In each project, perhaps the advertiser has its own set of criteria, such as Adidas's advertisement for the United States during the 2006 World Cup:
How is the outdoor advertising effect defined?
There is only one LOGO for this advertisement. There is no phone call and no copy. I am afraid that more than half of the passers-by will not understand this advertisement. However, it doesn't matter, Ada's advertising is not for you to see! It only needs its fans to HI up!
In fact, this outdoor advertising won the award, and the Ada executive in charge of the project immediately rose to the post.
(Unexpectedly, winning a prize is often an important criterion for considering the effectiveness of outdoor advertising.)
Outdoor advertising can be used to inform and make the audience feel good. This is very good. You are not suitable to use the sales volume changes to evaluate the quality of outdoor advertising. Just like you are not suitable for chopsticks to cut the steak, then chopsticks, this is what the broken stuff can not even cut the meat!
(In fact, the change in sales volume in the physical channel is affected by many factors, such as price, terminal display, promotion, activities, etc., any factor is closer to the end of AIDA than outdoor advertising, and the impact on sales variation is more obvious)
Usually, pre-launch evaluation of outdoor advertising:
Generally speaking, as the anonymous friend said, the basic data such as traffic flow and arrival rate is a common standard for considering the effect of outdoor advertising; but the actual implementation is much more complicated, considering the area and orientation of the media. Lighting time... Many physical standards, as well as outdoor advertising creative standards and many other factors. If you have time, come back and answer in detail.
How is the outdoor advertising effect defined? How is the outdoor advertising effect defined?
Post-release evaluation of outdoor advertising:
Most regular advertisers will entrust the research company to find an advertising audience to do a research report to evaluate the effects after the release, such as awareness, memory, and preferences... to judge the effectiveness of the advertisement based on the change value.
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