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What should I pay attention to when using three-sided flip?

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Update time : 2015-03-27 10:31:00
Misunderstanding 1: The thicker the wall of the triangular cylinder, the better the strength. This is wrong. If you only apply force to a certain point on the wall, of course it is thicker. However, the three-sided triangular prism mainly carries the torque of the wind and power system, and the force is uniform. In order to increase the wind resistance and the strength of the whole machine, only increase the length of the cross section of the triangular prism to improve the straightness of the cylinder. The wider the cylinder, the better the straightness and the stronger the wind resistance. Due to the limitation of the production process, while the triangular prism is widened, the mold cost and profile extrusion processing fee will double.
Myth 2: Imported motors are the best. This is wrong. Three-sided turning generally uses a one-way asynchronous geared motor. The strength and life of the motor depend on the rotor bearing, gearbox gear bearing, gearbox gear material and assembly accuracy. After 20 years of screening, we found that at least one domestic motor is better than ordinary imported motors. We have chosen this brand of motors since 1998. The motor failure rate is less than 1% within 3 years. Generally, the billboards installed 3 or 5 years ago have a single motor drive of more than 16 meters, and so far there is no failure.
Myth 3: White plastic parts are good, black is recycled material. This is wrong. It is not excluded that there are individual bad manufacturers doing this. The black color is due to the addition of a black masterbatch. After the black material is injected, the injection molding machine needs to be cleaned, and the cost is higher than white. Can not be true and false in black and white.
Myth 4: Split cams and open coupling plates are easy to maintain. This is wrong. The most difficult part to replace on three sides is the cam. If the design is reasonable, the material is good, and the injection molding process is strictly controlled, this part cannot be damaged at all. Even without mechanical transmission protection, the strength of the cam should be higher than the strength of the driven rotor, even higher than the motor output torque. That is to say, where the damage is, the cam can't be broken. In addition, the three-sided turning is a low-speed operation device, and the transmission parts such as cams are relatively small. It runs 985,500 times a year (three times a minute, 15 hours a day), and the wear is less than 0.01 mm for three years. Split-type cams and open-ended splicing plates add extra strength (reduced strength).
Myth 5: Three-sided turning must be regularly maintained. This is wrong. Not all three sides need maintenance. The three-sided turning spindle has a very low speed and the components wear very little. The motor and the main shaft are connected by a chain and need to be refueled regularly. With gear transmission, it is enough to apply glycerin once during installation. Working at heights can be exempted from liability.
Myth 6: The factory can save money by guiding the installation. This is wrong. Guiding installation is likely to lead to mutual ignorance of safety and quality responsibilities. Installation is an important part of the three-sided project and must be the responsibility of the factory. While ensuring the quality of the project, it can also avoid the loss caused by transportation accidents and safety accidents.
Myth 7: There is no technical content on three sides. This is wrong. Experience is technology! With 6 years of production experience, I know what happens to equipment that has been in operation for 5 years. With 10 years of experience... 20 years of experience... careful and careful, details determine success or failure.
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